Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Like a Lamb

March is finally here! I was very excited to see the calendar flip over from February to March in hopes that warmer temperatures will soon be here. The first day of March was very mild but cold so hopefully if it does go out like a lion it goes out like a warm lion:) Ty had his 18 month appointment today. He weighed in at a whopping 22 lbs. 8 oz. (8th percentile, meaning he is bigger then 8% of kids his age) and 31 inches long(12th percentile) He is our little peanut for sure but what he lacks in size he makes up for in fire(any of you who know Ty well know what I am talking about with that statement, if you don't and want to find out we are open for babysitters anytime:) One of Ty and Gabe's favorite things to do is help me in the kitchen. This past week we made a pan of brownies and I let the boys lick the spatula from the frosting, at first Ty wasn't sure he wanted to put that in his mouth but then once he figured out what it was, it was rather difficult to get away from him. Ty was also a fan of the finished product(although I think more ended up on his face then in his mouth) Gabe is always asking questions and learning new things. He loves "reading" books on his own now and reads Ty Pajama Time nightly. He is starting to write letters more now on his own and is definately curious about everything. He is quite the talker and will introduce himself to anyone around(I think we may need to talk about stranger danger) My parents took both boys to Silly Sally the clown last weekend. They told us Gabe talked up a storm to her as well. Ty wasn't quite as big of fan and didn't want his picture taken with her.This week we are supposed to get weather in the upper 50's so we are excited to get Gabe's bike out again and get out for a few walks.

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