Monday, March 23, 2009


We are so excited that it is officially spring now! We have been enjoying some great weather the past few days and have taken full advantage of it! Carl spent most of the weekend raking the front and back yards and getting rid of a few trees that were taking over our backyard. Gabe loved it, he thought the tree was his jungle gym and loved to climb in it, he was bummed when Carl cut it up and he didn't have his jungle gym anymore. Carl is working on plans to build Gabe and Ty a tree house/sandbox with a slide so hopefully that makes up for the tree:) We were thankful we all pretty much recovered from our boughts with the crud before this beautiful weekend. Carl has been feeling bad for at least a few weeks and it finally caught up with him this past week and he had to cave and go to the doctor, I believe it was the first time since 2004(minus the ear infection a little bit back but that was on a holiday and we had to go to urgent care so it wasn't on his record) He was given some antibiotics and feels much better now. I have been struggling with a cold and chest congestion forever now and the cold finally seemed to be better but the chest congestion is not, and now my allergies are here, lovely! Claritin seems to help though and I think we are all on the road to recovery, even Gabe was running a fever last week with no other signs of sickness but he seems to have recovered too. Hopefully that is it for us until next winter! This weekend when we were out in the yard we discovered many plants popping up out of the soil and even a few crocus. So fun to see color out there after a long winter. To celebrate Spring the boys and I made some cookies, I'm actually glad I took a picture because the next morning a little red headed monster who shall remain nameless climbed up on the table and pretty much smashed the heck out of the majority of them, that will teach me to leave them on the table. I'll leave you with a few random pictures from the last few weeks, the boys having play doh time with Daddy and hanging out at the top of our stairs.


clarkitect said...

Whoa, spicin' up the joint. Like the new background. I can't believe I cut that entire tree up by hand. Love the pics babe.

Emily said...

So cute. Carl I think you should consider a zip line too in your plans for a tree house.

clarkitect said...