Thursday, March 5, 2009

Saturday in the Park

well not Saturday but Wednesday and Thursday! We have been enjoying the nice weather greatly. Wednesday we went to Brookside to play on the slides and fire engine, the kids loved it as they hadn't been to the park since last fall. Brenna and Steph joined us too! Today we went out to Ada Hayden so Gabe could ride his bike around the trail. We had several stops along the way to discover the cool "cave" like thing made of weeds and twigs, watching the ice melt in the water, the bridge and watching all the geese. Ty seems to find pools of water no matter where we go and ended up on his back in a puddle yesterday and today...poor kid. Gabe did a great job on his bike and made it all the way around the lake. After we were done there we went to Inis Grove to play on the equipment for awhile before lunch. I am hoping after all this outside air nap time will be looooong today:)

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