Monday, May 18, 2009


This past weekend we started the prep work for the house to hopefully be painted this weekend(pray for nice weather!) We have to replace some trim around a few windows as the wood was starting to rot and we also took several storm windows off, including our very large front arch window. I was pretty nervous watching them take this one down, I can't imagine that one would be a cheap thing to replace:) We tried to power wash the house too but due to unforeseen circumstances with the power washer(hole in the hose, motor wouldn't stay running) we ended up not getting that part done this weekend. We have since borrowed a different power washer and Carl will attempting that again this week. Gabe was very interested in this power washing thing and thought that it meant we were going to put the whole house in a great big washing machine, not quite but it was funny when he asked. The boys had fun even though it was pretty cold and windy that morning, they especially loved the ladders. Ty is fearless and climbed to the top of the high one, his brother is just as fearless and did the same thing when he came out later. They made for great toys for the morning. Gabe also practiced his ladder gymnastics:)We are hoping to get more prep work done this week and start painting on Saturday. On a random note these are some of my favorite things growing in our yard right now.

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Flip-flop Mama said...

My boys would have loved to join yours on the ladder!