Thursday, May 7, 2009

Morning with the Dinosaurs

We took a short trip down the street to Reiman Gardens the other day to check out their new dinosaur displays. Brenna and Steph met us there too! Gabe loves the garden and we had to make sure to check out the butterfly wing first. Ty was interested in the butterflies this year too and would point and squeal his delight when he saw them flying around and sitting on the plants. We then headed out to the gardens where we found this large mama dinosaur waiting for us. The tulips were beautiful when we visited and I tried to get a good picture of the boys by them, surprisingly(note sarcasm) they just didn't cooperate very well so I settled for some good pictures of their sides and backs looking at the tulips and just decided to take a few shots of the flowers minus the uncooperative kids. We then found the fun chimes and Gabe loved to jump on them to make them play. We visited the childrens garden where the frog pumps are always a hit(although it seems only one of them ever works:( Ty checked out the covered bridge and everyone enjoyed the wooden paths. There were some allosaurus by the lake(Gabe was careful not to get too close as he was warned by the front desk lady when we came in not to touch them) We then went over to the practical garden where the apple blossoms were in bloom over the arbor, we tried to get Ty and Brenna to pose for us but it just didn't work. By this time it was starting to spit rain and seemed to be getting heavier so we headed home. We are excited to go back again as the dinosaurs will change throughout the season and living only a few blocks from the garden has its advantages! We have also been very busy working on our joint garden with Andrea and Alan, click here to see the progress!

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for inviting us to come with you! We had a great time!