Monday, May 4, 2009


A few weeks ago the boys stayed at my mom and dads while I had a Dr.'s appointment. The weather was beautiful so lots of outside time occurred that day. The boys are both obsessed with dandelions, Gabe likes to pick them just because he thinks they are pretty flowers and Ty well you can see what Ty likes to do to them, this is probably one of the tamer outside items Ty puts in his mouth. He amazes me, he is the pickiest eater in the world but will eat grass, dirt, rocks and apparently dandelions with no problems(disclaimer he doesn't actually "eat" them as in swallow it down, he just puts it in his mouth and then spits it out) I don't get it...I'm sure it won't be the last thing these boys do that I just can't wrap my mind around:)


clarkitect said...

Hey, dandelions were (and still are) used as a delicacy greens in salads. It is how they became so prevelent and we now treat as a weed. So, take heart my love, Ty is finally eating his veggies!

Steph said...

My boys never had issues with putting things in their mouths, but LilyAnna sure does!! I've had to call poison control on her...she's "eaten" all kinds of things...most recently she tried to drink GermX and then the next day I caught her swiping her finger through a bird poop and sticking it in her mouth! I about gagged! Fortunately, she found it gross and started crying, so I am hoping that it will deter her future "taste tests"!!

Caitlin said...

Ki's obsessed with them, too!