Tuesday, April 28, 2009


On Friday we headed out to Omaha to visit Carl's aunt and the zoo. We left around 2:00(nap time) thinking the boys would sleep in the car at least part of the way, oh so wrong, ,Gabe fell asleep for about 30 minutes and Ty did not sleep at all! Usually in the car he zonks out when I don't really want him to and for the trip he was awake the whole time and not very happy to boot, ughh. We arrived Friday evening and Sara had supper all planned for us, when we were done we headed to a park nearby and let the boys burn off some pent up energy from the car ride. It was a nice park and they both had fun. Ty aquired a fan club of two preteen girls who would follow him around and make sure he didn't fall and help him up on things and get him off of the slide when he went down, the whole time exclaiming he's so cute(even though his butt was wet from his car seat(he leaked bad in the car on the drive) and he was unbeknown to us poopy) Gabe just loved everything and had a great time, neither wanted to leave when it was time. Saturday we woke up to a little rain and wondered how the weather was going to be for our zoo day but it turned out pretty well. We arrived and it really wasn't raining anymore so we set off to do our outdoor things. We walked around and looked at all the animals and rode the train. By then it was lunch time and starting to drizzle a little bit, we grabbed some lunch and the boys were quite cold so we went in the gorilla exhibit. Gabe loved all the bubble windows you could climb into to look at the gorillas. We then headed to the very busy aquarium where the boys loved the penguins and especially the shark tunnel, I think they could have sat there watching them for hours. When we were done in the aquarium we made our way to the jungle where we went from cold and rainy to hot and humid. The boys loved all the bridges and water falls. We ended our zoo day by visiting the desert dome where Gabe was really wishing he could have climbed up on all the sand and played, he also really enjoyed the cactus. Our zoo visit wore Ty out and by the time we arrived at the desert dome he was out for the count. Gabe soon followed on our drive back to Sara's. Sunday we woke up to more rain and thunderstorms and made the drive over to Council Bluffs for my cousins confirmation lunch. We didn't stay for confirmation itself as the boys were getting quite crabby and we needed to be back by 6:00 for connection group. Ty once again failed to fall asleep on the way back and we drove through some very unpleasant rain, we were glad to arrive home! All in all it was a great weekend!

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