Monday, April 20, 2009


The weather held out for the most part on Saturday so we were able to go to the Veishea parade and enjoy some food while we were out. Pete and Andrea, Alan and Clark all came to our house and we walked over to campus and found a good spot to watch the parade. All the boys did a good job waiting for the parade to start. Once it started Ty turned into our little candy scrounge, if there was candy anywhere in the near vicinity he would find it and try to eat it. Gabe liked the candy as well but he paid more attention to the things actually in the parade. He loved the bands, the firetrucks and the Wall-E float especially. We had to make sure Ty didn't run out in the street but for the most part they did great at the parade. It started raining about half way through, not too heavy of rain but enough to make the ground wet and everything dirty. It stopped shortly after it started and then didn't rain on us again(much to Carl's displeasure as he was counting on the rain to help out with reseeding and fertilizing he did on our lawn on Saturday morning:) After the parade we walked over to the Block and Bridle club and got our brat meals(the brats are made by the meat department at ISU and are great!) We ate them in front of Mckay Hall where the boys found new entertainment playing in and around the bike racks. We also got to enjoy Fudge, Cherry Pies and Homemade ice cream, along with the candy from the parade I think we were all on sugar overload! We visited the big sprayers in front of Davidson Hall where the boys liked to climb. After we visited the petting zoo area we walked back to our house, Ty almost made it back awake but sleep caught up with him about a block from our house. It was a fun day and we were all ready for bed Saturday night. Gabe and Ty will have candy to munch on for the next few months:)

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Nicoleigh said...

Hey! I enjoyed a B&B meal on Friday. I scarfed down the pork burger. So good! I should have gotten a brat while I was there then, since I never made it back. Glad you guys know where the good food is! Espeically at a great price! :)