Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter, The Tree House, and Ladybug Friends

We had a busy weekend! On Friday we went to Krugers to dye Easter eggs, the boys did a great job this year and we had no huge messes to clean up, only a few egg casualties but I suppose that is to be expected. Ty and Bree wanted in on the fun as well even though I think Ty would have been just as happy to dip Lightning McQueen in the dye instead of the Easter egg but he tried. Friday also began the assembly of the untree house as Carl calls it(in amongst the trees but not actually in a tree) Friday night my parents came over and helped Carl set the posts. This was some of the progress from Friday. Saturday I had to work from 7-3 so I missed most of the progress until I got home and then I managed to get a few shots. Saturday night after a long day working we went to church, I got the boys cute little sweaters to wear and tried to get their picture with their easter eggs with their name on it. Yeah you see how well those turned out. Sunday we woke up and ate Grandma Nancy's hot cross buns for breakfast, look Grandma even Ty is eating it! Then we did Easter baskets and I made lunch for us and my mom and dad, who came over to help out with the tree house again. Somehow in all the excitment of the weekend we still managed to do an Easter egg hunt, Gabe was very excited with the jelly bean eggs, Ty didn't care too much but did manage to sneak a few into his bucket away from his brother. The tree house made tremendous progress Sunday afternoon and is now ALMOST completed, it still needs a few little things here and there, most importantly slats put on the sides so Gabe doesn't fall out when he climbs up in the loft area but it is usuable and has been used frequently already. We spent lots of time outside this past weekend and got to explore our flowers blooming. Gabe liked this daffodil a lot, he also really enjoys lady bugs, for some reason we have about a billion of them in the house and he is always finding one and letting it crawl all over his hand and talking about how cute it is. Here is one of his lady bug friends. Even though this Easter was busy with building, working and playing we were glad to take time and praise God for sending his one and only son to die for us, but more importantly defeat death for us and raise us up to new life in him! Thank you Jesus..all praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead!


clarkitect said...

So after looking over the pictures again I realized I messed up the design. I should have put in a cupola. Then the boys could peak up out of it from the loft. A CUPOLA! Can anybody say retrofit?

Emily said...

A cupola would rock!

jared said...

Yes, a cupola indeed with room for a telescope. Maybe for the grandkids.