Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Tractor Ride of the Year

It was finally relatively nice the other day so we decided it was time to bring the tractor up from its winter home in the basement to its new Spring/Summer/Fall home in the back porch. Last summer Ty did not care about the tractor but this year is going to prove to be different I think. He was just as interested in riding the tractor as Gabe. I thought I found a good solution in putting Ty in the wagon that hooks onto the back of the tractor(max load for the wagon is 22 lbs Ty is approx. 22 lbs. 8 oz. so it worked out well) Ty thought it was okay for awhile but then realized he was not in control and it no longer worked so well. Gabe did do a good job taking turns and let Ty drive every once in awhile the problem is Ty doesn't understand that you have to press the pedal to make it go so he got by with a little help from big brother. Then he decided it was fun to just push the back of the tractor and follow behind it when Gabe was driving, this worked well until Gabe decided to go in reverse:) Luckily the battery needed to be recharged badly so it was pretty slow moving and no damage done. Despite the gloomy, cold weather the past week or so we do have a few more flowers up in our yard. These really pretty purple crocus(different from last weeks crocus) and a few daffodils are starting to open up. Come on warm weather:)
PS Did anyone notice that the baby on the widget on the side bar started to look kind of freaky today, it must change at 13 weeks:)

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Flip-flop Mama said...

You made me laugh with the tractor in reverse :) Porter is not so good at steering those things :) Love the baby day counter on your blog! Do you have a feeling it's a girl or boy?