Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fan Fest

On an already very busy Sunday this past week we also decided to try to squeeze in a little Cyclone Fan Fest. We arrived at the football practice facility a little after 1 with our McDonalds bags in hand where we ate food as quickly as possible with children and then joined the long line of fellow Cyclone fans making their way into the building. Carl and I had a meeting at 2:00 at church and had to get the boys to my mom and dads so they could watch them during our meeting so when we stepped inside the the building and got in line to see Cy it was 1:35 pm. The line was long but moved relatively quickly. I managed to snap a few pictures of Gabe and his best bud Brady while we were waiting and one of Ty and Daddy. Finally it was our turn to see Cy, Ty did not especially appreciate the giant cardinal and was not crazy about having his pictures taken with him, Gabe was doing his usual thing every time we pull the camera out and looking everywhere but at the person taking the picture so this pictures is actually a fairly good representation of the normal around here:) After we made had our picture with Cy it was already 1:47 so we quick snapped this very cute picture of Bree with the cheerleaders and bolted out the door to get to our meeting. It was a quick visit and Gabe was bummed he didn't get to do the inflatable slide or the bounce house but we reassured him they would be there next year. Hopefully next year we have more time!

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Flip-flop Mama said...

go cyclones!! will let you know if we come down for a game!