Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of Preschool

My oldest started preschool today! It is really hard to believe that he is old enough to start preschool but this morning we got up, got ready and I dropped him off for his first day. As I helped him put his backpack on I got a little teary thinking of him getting so big but I soon was distracted with taking pictures of my big boy with his backpack on ready to go. While we were in the van driving to school he wondered if Ty would stay with Grandma while we went to school. I explained to him that I wasn't coming and Ty and I would come back to get him later. He said very matter of factly.."oh but I'll miss you while I'm gone." To which of course I cried and had to try and compose myself before I reassured him I would miss him too but he was going to have to much fun and we would be back to get him before lunch. When we arrived he was out of his seat before I even got the van in park. We headed to door to meet his teacher, where he was in with no hesitation ready to start his day. Ty at this point figured out he did not get to stay with big brother and had a melt down on our way back to the van(after I took a picture of Gabe in the doorway to school of course) The rest of the morning we ran errands and said prayers for Gabe. When we picked him up he was in tears(not what I was hoping to see when I arrived) come to find out he lost his backpack already. He wore it inside and on the trip down the hallway to his classroom apparently he put it in one of the big lockers in the hallway thinking that was where it was supposed to go. They have cubbies in their classroom with their names on them where it is actually supposed to go so somewhere between the doorway and his classroom he lost it(so far they still haven't found it:( His teacher didn't think he had a backpack since it wasn't in his cubbie so he was in tears trying to explain that he did have one and then we figured out what had happened. After much trauma he finally calmed down and told me a little about his day(legos, story, bible story, songs, snack) I keep getting little details here and there. Wednesday he takes snacks for his class and the sharing bag so I'm sure he will be excited about that(hopefully his back pack returns too!) Overall I would label it a successful day:)

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EClark said...

Wow, it's hard to believe Gabe is in adorable with his backpack on the first day.