Monday, August 24, 2009

Visit to the Farm

Last week we decided to take advantage of our last free week before Gabe started preschool and visit the my grandparents farm. The boys love the farm, the tractors, the open spaces, the animals and especially Uncle Bone and Great Grandma and Grandpa. I wanted to get some of my grandmas old canning jars too, as with our garden venture this year I have been using them quite a bit. We headed up Tuesday after lunch and the boys did well on the car ride. When we arrived at the farm Great Grandma got out the toys and the boys immediately started playing. It was a beautiful day so after a while we went outside and the boys had fun playing in the grass with the ball and frisbee and got to take turns going on a tractor ride with Uncle Bone. After supper we made a visit to Dave's house to see the goats but I think the main attraction for Gabe was the giant trampoline in the backyard. Gabe loved to jump and Ty just liked to be bounced around. Ty liked the goats and liked feeding them leaves with the help of Uncle Bone. Dave and the boys also have 3 dogs which Ty likes but Jack liked Ty too and with Ty's lack of height well he recieved many licks to the face, which he wasn't so sure about:) After we visited the goats and the trampoline for awhile we headed over to the other Mawdsley's to see the ostriches, they kept to themselves so we really didn't get a very close look at them but they enjoyed seeing them anyway. Down the road from Grandma and Grandpa's is an elk farm so we also drove by to see the elk. When we returned the boys had a good time getting drinks(or something like that, I'm not sure how much water actually went in their mouthes) from the hose and Gabe enjoyed helping Great Grandma water her flowers. The swing on the patio was big hit as well. Soon it was time for two tired boys to hit the hay which they did with minimal resistance and slept until after 7:30 the next morning! Wednesday morning it was overcast so we quickly made a trip back up to Daves to see the goats and trampoline again before it started raining and it is a good thing we did because as we were there the rain started to fall and pretty much didn't stop until we were ready to leave after lunch. Gabe was bummed he didn't get to play outside more but they both got one last tractor ride before we left to make up for it:) The boys had so much fun playing at the farm, they were not happy to leave however I'm sure all the residents at the farm had a good nights sleep after they left:)

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