Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Callie Update and Happy Thanksgiving

Just a quick update on Callie. She smiles at us more consistently now but still can be rather reserved with the smiles, especially when I'm trying to get a picture. She is a champ at holding her head up. Her favorite place to be is up on our shoulder holding her head up to look around at everything. Many people have wondered who she looks like and surprisingly I believe the answer is Carl, we have a picture of him(somewhere) around 3 or 4 months and minus the dark hair Callie most definately looks like her Daddy, of course there are always varying opinions but when I find that picture I will have to post a comparison:) Her disposition is more like Gabe then Ty at the same age(rather high maintenance, likes to be held and sometimes isn't even happy that way:) fortunately she makes up for it with her sweet smiles and coos and she is a pretty good sleeper, especially at night usually only waking once between 3 and 4 and then sleeping until sometime after 7. Gabe started sleeping through the night around 7 weeks so I am hoping since she is more Gabe like in disposition she will follow in his footsteps and start sleeping through the night soon:) The boys continue to adjust well to their sister. Gabe is more the protector and tries to get her to smile and stop crying when she is upset. Ty is just amused by her and would wrestle with her if we'd let him. Carl and the boys are headed up to the tree farm tomorrow afternoon while Callie and I stay here. With her still getting up nightly and being rather high maintenance we decided it would be best not to throw her into the mix of 5 kids 4 and under at the tree farm for the majority of the time. We will be staying here to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Mawdsleys on Thursday and then heading up to the tree farm on Saturday morning for the weekend. We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Remember if you need a Christmas tree or wreath and you're in the Algona area come on out and see us:)

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