Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where Did October Go?

It is so hard to believe it is November already. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and that means busy, busy, busy around here(for those of you who don't know Carl's family owns a Christmas Tree Farm in Algona and we also make wreaths for the shop and some for wholesale, so that will be starting very soon) We ended October with some Halloween fun. The boys loved trick or treating this year and the weather actually turned out to be pretty nice. Gabe had a hard time choosing his costume, he wanted to be so many different things but he finally settled on Scooby Doo. Ty didn't have much of an opinion on the matter so he wore a costume I had bought when Gabe was little on clearance. Gabe never ended up never wearing it but it fit Ty perfectly. He was a duck. Callie even got in on the fun and was a monkey but she didn't wear her costume for too long and she stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while we went trick or treating. Clark(the dinosaur) joined us trick or treating again this year and they all had fun walking/running from house to house. On Monday Callie turned one month old already! We did her chair picture for the baby book. She also smiled at me for the first time on Monday, it was a genuine smile too! I was so excited and have been able to get a few more out of her since but I haven't captured it on camera yet. I have continued to enjoy having a girl this time around. Dressing her in cute little outfits with matching bows for her hair is just so much fun! It has been somewhat challenging going from 2 to 3 but for the most part we have been doing pretty well. The most challenging part is that Callie is a snuggler, which is great but when I am by myself during the day it can get difficult and somewhat frustrating, luckily she has been a pretty good sleeper so that makes up for the crabiness when not being held somewhat:) I need to appreciate the snuggles now because I have the feeling that she is going to grow up in the blink of an eye.

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