Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Fun

We have been having some fall fun around our house the past few weeks. We started with painting pumpkins since it was very rainy and cold and going outside was not going to happen. The boys did great painting their pumpkins and even managed to stay relatively clean. A few days later we ventured out and did jack-o-lanterns this year. This is the first year we have actually carved pumpkins because Gabe has been asking. In the years past he had no idea that you could do that but this year he specifically asked if we could do it so we did. He wasn't super crazy about getting his hands in the pumpkin goo but he would use a spoon and help scoop out. Ty didn't like the goo at all but once his pumpkin had a face he loved sticking his fingers in the holes and looking at it. We decided to "help" daddy out the other day and raked the leaves in our backyard. Gabe liked to help with his little rake but the real fun was jumping into our big leaf pile. Ty enjoyed this part too and got to help rake a little once Gabe got to use the big rake. Callie continues to grow. Her big brothers dote on her(as does her Daddy!) Gabe likes to keep her company on the floor when she has play time, she loves listening to him talk and calms down when she is fussy when she hears his voice. She also loves Daddy and listens intently when he reads to her. She will be a month old on Monday already! Time to start over with the big chair pictures:) We are looking forward to trick or treating this weekend!


EClark said...

So cute!!! I love all of the pictures. Why am I not surprised Ty didn't want to touch the pumpkin goo. Happy Halloween!

Flip-flop Mama said...

I just love seeing pink in your pictures Hollie. . .So cute how Callie is grabbing her daddy's sweatshirt string :)Thanks for the birth announcement!

Hey, what color is the paint in your room where your desk and computer are? I saw it in the background of your photo and really like it.

PS. . my boys have that same football shirt with the green striped sleeves :)