Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hard to Believe

that tomorrow this goofy guy
will be a big brother for the first time! And this one

will be a big brother again!

We are scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 10 with our c-section scheduled for noon. Specific prayers requests are that an IV can be started easily and in a good location(I had lots of IV trouble with Gabe and an IV in a less then ideal location with Ty), that the surgery goes smoothly with no complications, that the baby be born healthy, and that everyone adjusts well(especially my red-head who seems to enjoy the title of baby and whose world will be drastically different soon:) We appreciate everyone's prayers!


EClark said...

Good luck guys. I'll be praying and anxiously awaiting the news.

Janel said...

YAY! How exciting!

Kiki said...

We'll be praying! Drew and I were just talking this morning, wondering when you would be having this sweet babe!

We're so excited for you!