Monday, October 12, 2009

All the Little Pumpkins

Saturday we made a trip out to the garden to pick out our pumpkins. We had lots of pick from as our pumpkin crop was abundant this year. Callie got to spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa since it was chilly and windy. When we got there we found the pumpkin pile and let the boys pick out their pumpkins. After careful deliberation they each found one they liked and worked on rolling it out of the pile and close to the van. Gabe of course picked the biggest, ugliest one of them all but loves it! We also had the boys pick out a pumpkin for Baby Callie. Here is Gabe posing with his and Callie's pumpkin. They also had the responsibility of picking out some pumpkins to take to Grandma. Gabe had lots of fun picking out several he knew Grandma would just love. We have been doing well at home. Callie is adjusting well to home and her big brothers, luckily she sleeps well through all the noise and chaos. I even managed to get them all in one spot this weekend to snap a few pictures. Here are all our little pumpkins!
and Callie with Big Brother #2


clarkitect said...

Ty always looks like he is in photos from the late 1800's.

EClark said...

So adorable. I've noticed since Baby Callie the boys seem much more willing to pose for pictures. Maybe I'm wrong, but they're really cute pics.