Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's in a Name?

Over the last 3 weeks I have had lots and lots of people ask about where Callie's name comes from(and how to spell it:) so I thought I'd inform my vast blogging audience(ha) about where exactly her name comes from.

Callaghan-shortly after Ty was born I was cruising baby websites and came across the name section of one. Always ready to look at baby names I started searching different origins of names. I really like celtic and Irish names so I did a search for names of that origin and low and behold up pops Callaghan. I had never heard of that name before and actually only found it on one website and have not found it on any other. When I saw it I loved it, it was pretty and unique and best of all it was a name we could shorten to a nickname we really liked as well(since Gabriel and Titus are better known as Gabe and Ty, I kind of wanted to stick with that tradition) Callaghan actually is derived from an Irish last name meaning strife, which doesn't sound so pleasant but Callie (according to this one website, I'm sure there are other origins and meanings since they all seem to be different) is greek meaning beautiful which all tied in nicely with her middle name.

Grayce-first off was my great grandma Haucks name. I remember her fondly when she was still here. I remember going to her appartment at the UR Home Apartments right outside of Burt and getting oatmeal raisin cookies, always a little chewy. I remember giving her a kiss on the cheek and thinking that she felt a lot like kissing my grandma Marj. Apparently she added the y to her name when she became an adult, which we didn't know. We assumed her name was always spelled with a y until Grandma Marj told us:) Anyway Grayce means of Grace of God or lovely. Looking at the meanings of all the names I thought it was appropriate that her first name means strife but her nick name means beautiful all tied together with her middle name of grace. It really signifies our walk with Christ. We all face strife and sin but by God's beautiful grace we are forgiven of that sin if we only accept him as our lord and savior and ask for his forgiveness.

So there you have it...her name and why we chose it. Yes it is unique and different but that is what we loved about it. She will probably forever be asked how do you spell that but hey my names Hollie and I have to spell my name out everytime too:) I leave you with a picture of our beautiful Callaghan Grayce.


clarkitect said...

And all beautiful girls cause their fathers strife.

Janel said...

Cool! I love hearing the stories behind names!