Thursday, November 12, 2009

We'll Take It!

So far we've had better weather this November then we did in October, but we'll take it! Since it was so nice last Friday and I desperately needed to get out of the house and do something we called up Andrea, Clark and Grant and we all ventured to Center Grove Orchard for the morning. The last time we went with Gabe's preschool it was cold and raining like crazy and since it was a field trip Ty didn't get to go. This day was a total opposite weather wise, it was gorgeous and almost too warm for jackets! The boys started off playing on the hay stacks. I think they could have spent quite a bit of time there and not cared if they actually went into the farmyard but we did manage to get them off the hay and into the farmyard. The corn pool was fun as always. Ty and Clark were not too sure about walking around in the corn at first but the temptation of the slide at the other end of the pool was too much for them and eventually they made their way down to the slides. After much play we convinced them to go try out the pedal tractors which are very hard to pedal! Even Gabe had a hard time pedaling and steering the tractors so that didn't last too long. Fortunately right behind the pedal tractors are some goats, ducks and chickens. The boys all had fun looking at the animals and then made their way over to the 3 little pig houses. They loved exploring each one. We then made our way to the one room school house, somehow I'm thinking these guys wouldn't have been the best behaved students:) We decided to go down and see if they happened to have the jumping pillow open but they didn't but we did discover the new giant slide. Gabe loved it and wanted to go on right away. Ty loved it too unfortunately he doesn't weigh enough to make the sled or bag go to the end of the slide so he kind of stopped right in the middle of the track and didn't know how to get off. He held up traffic for awhile! The babies at this point were both HUNGRY so after a quick game of checkers we headed home. It was so much fun to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine! As for a Callie update she is still doing well. She is getting chubby cheeks and has quite the double chin going on! She continues to be stingy with the smiles but when she does flash you one they sure are cute! I still have yet to capture it on camera but I'm still working on it. She still loves to be held and is our cuddly little baby as you can see from these pictures of her snuggling with Daddy. When I was taking pictures of Callie laying on Daddy, Gabe and I decided to snap a few self portraits, I think they turned out pretty well:)

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Janel said...

I just LOVE that orchard! We didn't have enough guts to try the big slide when we went, but it looked like fun!