Monday, January 18, 2010

30?...How did this Happen?

Wow I've finally reached the age that when I was in high school I thought was old! How did this happen? Seriously it seems like I was just turning 21 and now all of the sudden I'm 30. Looking back over my last 30 years I can truly see how God has blessed me. 30 years ago despite the odds being against them he blessed me with the most wonderful parents a girl could have, who support me, help me and love me unconditionally. Growing up I was blessed with wonderful grandparents and a close extended family as well. We had a great church where I had many friends and great memories of church potlucks and Christmas parties and pillow fights in the furnace room:) In high school I met my best friend, someone who would be with me through the ups and downs of my upper teenage years, would see me through college and after and who ultimately would become my husband. I graduated from college with a degree in something that I loved and while wasn't able to get a full time job teaching had so many wonderful and many not so wonderful experiences all of which I learned so much from. A few years later God placed great friends in our lives who helped us find a relationship with Christ, not just a weekly visit to church, but a desire to be in the Word and pray and from that stemmed some of our best friends and long lasting relationships that I don't know what we would do without. We were able to buy our first house and learn all the lessons that go along with home ownership. Gabriel Quintin blessed our lives shortly after that and taught us the true meaning of the unconditional love a parent has for their child, taught us the value of a good nights sleep and made us appreciate the peace and quiet:) Titus Zachary came into our lives 2 years and 2 months(and another new house) later and taught us all about cleaning up atomic vomit, how to deal with babies with colds and what it was like to have a sweet, sweet, baby boy who rarely cried and how to open our hearts to love each child for who they are and all the joy they bring into our lives. 2 years and 2 months after that(and yet another new house) God gave us our precious baby girl. The baby girl my heart had been desiring forever really. Callaghan Grayce brings to our home lots of pink, drama and a great big temper but we love her so much and she melts all of our hearts with her big goofy grins(even her big brothers) So now as I turn 30 looking back at all God has done in my life I praise him for all the blessings he's given, lessons he's taught, relationships he's put in my life but most importantlly that he loves me so much that he sent his son to die on the cross, to forgive me my sins, a sinner saved by grace and if God blesses me with another 30 years I will reflect back on my 60th birthday and marvel at all God had given me.

On a random note I have to brag on my wonderful husband a little bit. He surprised me all week long with a haircut on Thursday, a manicure and makeover on Friday and then a wonderful dinner out and whirlpool suite Friday night. He truly made me feel special and pampered and loved and I appreciated it so much! I snapped a picture of myself Friday after the makeover so I could prove yes I do wear makeup every once in awhile!


Flip-flop Mama said...

Happy 30th Hollie!! I'm still 29. . .for a few weeks :)

Flip-flop Mama said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog :) Homeschooling is overall going well.