Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall and Other Random Silliness

Callie has found a new form of entertainment...a mirror. Carl held her up in front of the mirror the other night while I was at work and she grinned and almost laughed at herself for a long time. I captured it on camera the other night, even when she is super tired like in this picture she manages to smile at herself. Gabe had school spirit week this past week(although he only got to go to school one day because he was sick and then the lovely weather) so on Friday it was design a costume with garbage bags. We kind of waited until last minute, as in the morning of but we ended up using the garbage bag as a super cape and fashioning a super headband to go along with it and he went as Super Gabe, he actually left the cape on all day and not to be outdone Ty donned a cape and became Super Ty as well...who knew garbage bags could be so much fun.
Carl has been busy over at clarkumentary. He has updated several times and has been joined an online food community(Tasty Kitchen) and has even been published twice, he loves it and will most likely submit even more recipes. He snapped these pictures of the boys the other day to use on his blog but I thought they were so cute I am going to steal them and use them on here too, just this once though(and please excuse the snot nose we like to keep it real around here:)

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