Monday, January 11, 2010


Since it was finally above 0 and since we hadn't been out of the house for more then a minute or so at a time we decided to take the boys sledding yesterday. We got everyone all bundled up in their winter gear and drove down to the Iowa State Center to find the perfect sledding hill(I know we live a block and a half from there but we had to take Callie with and she needed warmth so we took the van and she napped while the boys played:) We found a good spot and Carl and the boys made their trek to the top. We discovered our sled is very fast and there wasn't quite enough flat ground at the bottom of the hill to stop in a nice orderly fashion so the first time down Carl and the boys both flew off the sled at the bottom of the hill when they ran into a big snowbank. In addition to the rough landing they also got a snow shower to the face most of the way down. Despite all that Gabe LOVED it and was raring to go again. Ty not so much, my red head had a very red face to match his hair and he was not convinced this sledding thing was all that much fun. Gabe and Carl braved the hill a few more times and even convinced Ty to go a couple more times as well. I'm pretty sure Gabe would have kept going all afternoon if we would have let him. He loved it and showed no signs of wearing out even walking up and down the big hill several times. Dad however did not quite have Gabe's endurance and Ty was quite cold so we called it an afternoon after this one last run, complete with a good stop at the end.

We are hoping to be able to use the sled more this week as our temperatures are finally supposed to be a little warmer!

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