Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One of Those Nights

Occasionally you get an idea that sounds like something that would be fun but really you are thinking, this is only going to be fun if all of my children behave and no one has a melt down and no one has an accident without extra clothes, etc, etc, etc. We had one of those moments last week when we decided that all 5 of us would walk down to Hilton and attend the last Iowa State men's basketball game. Carl got free tickets from work and we decided to give it a try, at worst we would just have to leave early and walk home at best everyone would have a fun night outside of the house. We bundled up all three of the kiddos. This is how Callie rode, with a blanket around her as well and we were off. They did a great job walking the few blocks to Hilton. I actually wish I had Gabe's energy as he was off and running ahead of us once we hit the Iowa State Center. Poor little Ty did great too considering he has to practically run just to keep up with our normal walking pace. We arrived and found our seat and every one got situated. Ty immediatly spotted Cy and was up and out of his seat trying to climb past me to go see him. I convinced him we would see him later and distracted him with something else. The game started and both boys did a great job. Gabe cheered and yelled even though he had no clue what was going on and was yelling at one point when we were on defense and it really wasn't an appropriate time to yell(Carl told him shh and the lady behind us chewed him out and said we needed all the help we could get, let him yell:). Ty stood and clapped for the fight song and was interested in watching everything going on around him. Callie was mesmerized by all the people and lights and eventually fell asleep in Daddy's arms. We took one short trip around Hilton to visit Grandma and Grandpa in their seats but other then that everyone did great staying in and around their seat! I'm sure the cheese crackers and fruit snacks we brought with probably helped as well. We made it the whole game, and then the game went into overtime. We decided we weren't pressing our luck and took off for home, as our sweet baby girl was over an hour past eating time but had not made a peep as of yet. We got home with Gabe walking a little slower then before(like me having to drag him up the street slower) and decided it was one of those nights. One of the rare moments in a young families outings that went exactly as planned:)

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Flip-flop Mama said...

Loved this post. . .I know exactly what you mean about family outings that can either go GREAT or HORRIBLE. Glad it was a fun evening!!!!