Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3, 2, 1 Birthday Party!

After many computer glitches I am finally getting the birthday pictures posted. We started off birthday party Saturday with a Bam Bam Baseball game. Basically it is for 3 and 4 year olds. They hit a rubber ball off two stacked coffee cans and run the bases. When they are in the outfield they take turns getting the ball and putting it back on the "tee". Essentially it is an intro. to tee-ball type of game and Gabe has lots of fun. Because of the rain the game the day of his party was the first of the season. Here is my little purple teamer. Gabe did a good job hitting the ball and running and the bases. After the bam bam game we finished up the space shuttle cake for the big birthday party that night. Gabe requested a space shuttle birthday cake and planet cupcakes so that is what he got. The space shuttle took a little time and effort. At first it was going to be a space shuttle in launch position with the fuel tanks and boosters but due to complications launch was scrapped and just the space shuttle was made instead. Carl carved the shuttle out of chocolate cake and then did the decorating. He could take up a second career I think:) When the cake was ready we headed over to my mom and dads to get ready for the party. Gabe also requested a space shuttle pinata which Grandpa hung up in the tree for him. Soon his guests arrived and he was in 7th heaven. The space shuttle cake was a hit and even had sparkler candles that started the tail on fire when we sang Happy Birthday. It was a little scorched when we were done singing. He had a great time opening his presents and the pinata turned out to be a little harder to break open then we had originally thought:) but once Carl got it cracked open the kids had fun filling their goody bags. After that we had a sprinkler set up in the yard and those who were left could do the sprinkler if they wanted. He had a great time. On Wednesday(the day of his birthday) he woke up to birthday cinnamon rolls and a present from us. He was very excited with his Buzz Lightyear flashlight and squirt gun. That morning we went to his friend Brady's house to play and then Brady got to come home with us and join us at Hickory Park for the birthday sundae that evening. We had one more surprise for our space loving, future astronaut as well. Carl made a booklet of pictures from the Kennedy Space Center and we told him we would be visiting there sometime this fall and hopefully see space shuttle Discovery on it's last launch. He was/is very very excited! We also went to the aquatic center, which I didn't get pictures of. He had a fun day and it overtook him by the time we got home that night. He was so tired by the time we got home we had to do the annual chair picture the next day. He looks so big!

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