Friday, June 11, 2010

Rainy Day Cookies

As were leaving the gym yesterday morning Gabe calls up from the backseat "Mom can we make cookies today, it is a good day to make cookies" It was overcast and going to rain and storm so I agreed with him it was a good day to make cookies. After we got home and I showered and got ready I found a recipe to try in my Cooking Light cookbook. Since I am trying to watch what I eat I didn't need the temptation of cookies around(the dough is actually more my issue then the cookies themselves) I found one to try and my 2 helpers and I set off to make a "healthy" cookie. Gabe and Ty did a great job of taking turns to mix the ingredients. This recipe uses drained applesauce and brown sugar for sweetness and only 1/4 cup butter. The dough was thinner then my regular cookies and therefore was not all that tempting for me to eat, which was a good thing. The boys still each wanted to lick the beaters though. After we got them all mixed we turned the oven light on so we could watch them bake. They turned out pretty flat and have a different texture but they do taste pretty good. Gabe and Ty like them and were so proud of their efforts:).

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