Monday, June 7, 2010

8 months

Callie was 8 months old last Wednesday(yes I am a little slow). She is now crawling on all 4's and loves to get into everything. She is never in the same place for very long and is now learning things she is not supposed to touch:) She is getting better and better at eating puffs and cheerios and can get them in her mouth most of the time now. She is starting to put sounds to her babbling, mostly da da da(much to my displeasure:) She switched from her infant carrier to a big girl car seat, complete with pink and brown butterflies(I had to get one girl specific item of baby gear, since everything else we own is neutral or boyish:) She continues to be our happy, smiley baby girl who loves to be entertained by her brothers and likes to grab their hair and faces, luckily they don't seem to mind.

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