Tuesday, August 3, 2010

40th Anniversary

This past weekend we spent a long weekend in Algona to celebrate Matt and Nancy's 40th anniversary. Carl's boss's wife, Danelle lent us her wonderful camera and we took many, many, many pictures so be forewarned this post will be a bit of a picture overload. We arrived Thursday night and the boys were so excited to be at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was a great weekend and even Auntie Em came from DC for the special occasion. While at Grandpa and Grandma's the kiddos had all kinds of fun. Like sleeping in this. Carl was a trooper and spent 2 nights in the tent with Gabe, Ty and Clark. I think he was glad to get home to his own bed. They also had great fun playing hopscotch, helping Grandma in the garden, discovering inch worms, and playing on the slip and slide Grandma bought. Some of them more then others(really she loved it she was just ready to be done because the water was cold) Another highlight of the weekend was getting to meet Marzi, Em's boyfriend. He purchased a new toy while they were back and we all had fun playing(driving) with it too. Even Grandma and Grandpa! Of course while at Grandma and Grandpa's you have to have a tractor ride and even get a little creative with mower rides as well. Since everyone was home we wanted to get a family picture taken as well. I think it turned out pretty well for dealing with 5 kids 5 and under! This one turned out pretty cute too with all the grandkids. Since we had a spectacular camera(a Nikon D90 for you camera geeks out there) I couldn't resist snapping many, many photos of the kiddos just being cute like these. And I tortured them with another impromptu photo shoot on Sunday in front of the corn. We are hoping the Cyclones score many of these this season! This may be one of our only family of 5 pictures since Callie was super little. I think it turned out pretty well. And before we left Callie discovered Purdy. She would screech when Purdy would come near so she would walk away and then Callie would take off and chase her down as fast as her little knees would carry her. It was quite funny, The kiddos even did a pretty good job of posing for one last picture with Great Grandma before we left, despite their picture overload for the weekend. It was a great weekend. Happy Anniversary Matt and Nancy!

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Caitlin said...

Great pictures! Callie is getting so big! I love that you already put her down the slip n slide. Too funny!