Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Ty

We celebrated Ty's 3rd birthday this past Saturday. Things were made a little more complicated due to no usable water in town but we made it work. Friday night we went to the Kruger's, who graciously let us use their kitchen to make cakes while they were gone on vacation. Ty wanted a Buzz Lightyear cake so Wilton just came out with a Buzz pan this year and I found the last one at Hobby Lobby. Decorating a character cake was much, much, much more complicated then I thought it would be. The details did not come out very well at all and it was almost impossible to tell where to start and stop with the icing. After much fussing I decided this cake was not going to work. I got the aliens done and called it a night. Saturday Ty woke up a great big 3 year old and we had birthday pancakes to start the day. He loved blowing out his candles. After that I went to work making a new square cake that I was going to put Buzz and Woody on the top of since my other idea did not work. After consulting with my designer husband he said he could write out the words Happy Birthday to look like the Toy Story font and we could use the 3 since Ty is 3. We made the frosting the light blue color like Andy's room from the movie and put fondant clouds on the side as well. It turned out pretty cute! We were pretty busy with the cake so Gabe helped us out and fed Callie:) We did manage to sneak in his picture in the big chair too. Since we had the water issue my mom called the Godfathers in Boone to see if we could get space there for his party. Fortunately they had some room so we moved Ty's party from Mom and Dad's house to Godfathers and had a pizza party! It was actually a good thing for all of us Ames people to not have to figure out a meal with minimal dishes for the night:) Ty loved his cake and kept wanting to look at it. He had lots of fun playing the games at Godfathers and eating his breadsticks. He got to blow out even more candles and open his presents. He was in Toy Story heaven. He got several new Toy Story toys, a few Cars toys, a tractor, a nerf dart gun, and lots of other cool stuff, he wanted to open everything right away, the only disadvantage to having a party not at home:) Sunday we went to Hickory Park for his birthday ice cream. It was interesting to go while their was no water use, they used paper plates, silverware and used bottled drinks. Ty didn't care he got to blow out a candle again and eat ice cream! Even though the weekend wasn't quite what we had planned Ty had a great time(and so did his little sister). It's hard to believe my little red head is 3 already!

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jared said...

great work on that cake! i was just planning on creatively arranging 2 candles on Makenna's.