Friday, August 6, 2010


We went to our first ever National Balloon Classic in Indianola last night. We have been wanting to go for several years but it had just never worked out. This year we decided since I didn't have to work we would head on down. We picked Carl up at work and then went to Ankeny to caravan with our friends the Burkharts, who recently added this beautiful baby girl, Etta, to their family! This is the first time we were able to meet little Etta in person so that was a definite bonus for the night. She is a perfect mix of her two older sisters and I kept seeing both Olivia and Nyah in her when I looked at her, so cute! When we got there they hadn't started filling the balloons up yet but soon they put out the green flag and the balloons started filling with air. The kids were so excited to watch them get bigger and bigger. It was very deceiving when they filled up, it didn't look like that many balloons but once all of them got bigger and started taking off there were balloons everywhere. When the balloons returned it was fun to watch them continue to get bigger and bigger in the sky(if you look closely at the picture of the kids all those specks in the background are the balloons and yes I'm award that Ty is eating something he most likely shouldn't be). When they came in to land they threw a yellow marker down from their balloons and tried to get it to land on a big x they had marked out on the field. One of the balloonists got it right on the center. We stayed around for the night glow and it was really cool to see the balloons all lit up. The crowd and announcer would count down 3-2-1 glow, the boys had a lot of fun helping with that. They also had a few inflatables and rides for kids and the boys were each able to pick one thing to go on. They picked the pirate ship inflatable and Olivia was nice enough to share tickets with them to go on a train ride all together, speaking of Olivia I love this picture Carl snapped of her. It was so fun to catch up with great friends and a bit surreal to think about when we first started hanging out with the Burkharts it was just 2 couples now it's the 4 of us and 6 kids, wow what a difference 8 shorts years makes:)

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