Thursday, September 2, 2010

11 Months

Callie is 11 months old today! This month she has started standing on her own, no support, although not very often and when she figures out what she is doing she sits down. She loves pasta, grapes and peaches. She has started clicking her tongue, shaking her head no when we say her name(she knows she is in trouble), and dancing to music. She is getting another of her top teeth but this one is taking awhile to break the surface. She loves other babies and little kids and still crawls her way into everything. Taking her 11 month chair picture I had forgotten how difficult it gets to get one, she is a mover!
still not exactly what I had in mind but I guess I'll take it, she is kind of sitting in the chair:)

and as always the big brothers wanted in on the action, especially Ty. Today is game day so they are all wearing their gameday gear(Callie's gameday cheerleading gear is in the wash, so we went with her backup Pink Cyclone gear instead)

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