Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Middle Helper

We often joke about Ty being as fiery as his hair and he is most of the time but most of the time in a good way. He is funny, smart, fiesty, creative and creatively ornery but he also LOVES to help. Gabe loves to help too and Ty often times wants to do whatever Gabe is doing, however Ty also likes to do his own thing every now and again. This weekend Gabe was inside and Ty saw Daddy outside sowing grass seed and he wanted to help. He was so cute trying to do everything that Daddy did. He also likes to help me in the kitchen. He loves to dump in the ingredients but pretty sure this is his favorite part...sneaking the cookie dough, when I catch him and say HEY! he finds it hilarious. I'm so glad he has such a helpful heart.

and some random pictures for a rainy Tuesday

My girl who no longer lets me put things in her hair(tear... this lasted roughly 40 minutes before she pulled it out, let's hope it's just a phase) Please disregard her drool soaked shirt, I think she is getting another tooth.

Our 3 blessings checking out the "junk magazine" on the couch, I thought it was cute to see them all standing there and the height difference between the terrible trio:)

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