Thursday, December 2, 2010

Making the Season Bright

We've been decking our halls and trees the past few days. Our trees were delivered Monday afternoon and my wonderful husband strung 12oo lights on our 8 foot Frasier that night while I was at work. I had gotten the other Christmas decorations up during the day(the garland on the stair railing and fireplace mantle, as well as the decorations on the tops of the shelves and piano.) Tuesday was decorating the tree day. I decided to use all unbreakable ornaments this year due to a very curious 14 month old who loves to touch things she's not supposed to. She is just young enough she needs reminders quite frequently and I didn't want to risk finding glass in her mouth after one of the times she "forgets" not to touch and eat, so this sounded like an okay solution. I had lots of unbreakables already but filled in with a few new ornaments from Target(plus who doesn't like getting a few new ornaments every once in awhile) I think it turned out pretty well. Gabe is putting on the final touch. The downstairs tree is my tree while the upstairs tree is the kiddos. Tuesday night when Carl got home he put lights on the kids tree while they looked through all the ornaments they were going to put on. Before we got started I was trying to get a picture of the tree with the 3 of them, I didn't have very cooperative subjects. Many boxes were pulled out in excitement and they couldn't wait for Daddy to finish with the lights. We changed into Christmas jammies while we were waiting too, just seemed more festive. They even willingly modeled some of the ornaments for the camera. Then it was time to decorate. Ty got a little distracted with the noise making ornaments and really didn't help put too many on the tree but Gabe did a great job putting them on and making sure they were in a place where they wouldn't fall off. Callie had to go to bed before the decorating started because she was CRABBY, that girl needs her sleep. They were pretty proud when it was finished. Last night the decorating continued with the outside lights. Carl braved the cold and hung our lights and lit our wreath that he also made. I love Christmas Lights!

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

The season brightness looks great! :)