Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree Farm

We made our annual trek to the Carl's mom and dads and the tree farm this past week and weekend. We made lots of wreaths(well I clipped boughs, Carl, Andrea and Alan actually made the wreaths) before hand and they had already been delivered. We arrived Wednesday afternoon amongst the freezing rain but fortunately the roads weren't terrible until we hit the gravel near Carl's house. After almost sliding through the yard when we went to make the turn up to the house we arrived safely with no incidents:) Thursday we decorated wreaths for the display wall and got everything ready for the weekend. Andrea and I finished making the food for our Thanksgiving meal which we ate around 3. We were missing all of the children since they were down for naps(ah peace:) and Nancy who was in with her mom at the hospital, she had broken her hip the week before and also Em's finance who couldn't join us for the weekend since he owns a business and was short a little help. Friday the craziness began. We were so busy we hardly had time to think. Saturday was a repeat of Friday and even a little busier, we did attempt to set this beauty on Saturday between customers however. That is a 14 foot tree, it takes a little man power to get a 14 foot tree shook, carried and set. This attempt actually failed but later we cut a little off and it looks great sitting in the shop, hopefully someone with really high ceilings and lots of room would like to take this home. By Saturday evening we hardly had any trees left in the shop, Andrea and I were scrounging to find our trees we had so few. We decided Matt would go up and get some more the following morning so we weren't sold out for what is usually a very busy Sunday( sidenote we sell Frasier firs brought in from Minnesota in the shop, we also have cut your own which are mostly balsam, some spruce, scotch and white pine, we have just few Frasiers and they are not quite big enough yet) Sunday morning we got up and went out to cut our own trees with the kids(our upstairs kids tree with the fun decorations). Carl got out the tractor with the shaker and Callie had her first ever tractor ride. That tractor looks good with some pink. We loaded the kids up in the wagon and made our way to the plot. The search was on. We finally agreed on one and Gabe was determined to be the one to cut it down. With Dad's help they got it done and got it taken back up to the shop. Gabe ran the tractor to shake it and after the obligatory family picture with the tree they got it put through the netter. Gabe actually learned to run the tractor with the shaker by himself and helped shake the trees for customers as well. He is growing up way to fast in my opinion. Matt arrived with some more trees early Sunday afternoon and it turned out to be a good thing he did as we sold quite a few that day. Andrea and I got to pick out new one's as well. I think it is a pretty nice one, even with no decorations quite yet. On another side note my daughter slept in a pack and play in the laundry/bathroom and apparently got into the drawer somehow and pulled out a tube of great grandmas lipstick. I think she needs a few lessons on how to apply it though:)

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clarkitect said...

Technically we broke the stand on that first attempt.