Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vacation Day 5

Launch Day! Nope not so much(story of our trip) the hydrogen(helium, oops) leaks were still being fixed so once again launch scrubbed for the day. We actually knew that before we got up Tuesday so we were prepared. We decided to go try out Dunkin Donuts for breakfast(really don't get the hype the donuts were not that good and I am probably a coffee snob now working at a coffee shop but the latte I had was not that great either) and then hit up Ron Jon's Surf Shop which was just a few blocks from our motel. Ron Jons is amazing, we never did get a good pictures of he outside but here is one we took inside. They have so much stuff! It was fun looking around at the surf boards and beach items and of course we had to get a few T-shirts. They also for some reason had winter hats(not sure why in Florida, for the few days it actually hits 40 I guess) so we had Callie model this cute little hat. After Ron Jons we went back to the hotel so Callie could get a nap and then we left for lunch at Lobster Shanty, where we were able to sit out by the river and watch the catfish swim around us. We left the restaurant and drove south by Patrick Air Force Base and then by Space Coast Stadium where the Brevard County Manatees(minor league for the Milwaukee Brewers) and the Washington Nationals(during spring training) play. We really wanted to find Manatees t-shirts but no luck on that one. On our way back north we stopped at the main office/facility for Harvey's citrus. The first crop of the season had just been picked so we enjoyed some fresh orange juice and got some super good oranges and grapefruit. Once we were back near Cape Canaveral we stopped at a fish market to watch the fishing boats unload their catch for the day(I actually borrowed this picture from Gabe since we didn't take any with our camera, no fish in the picture but you get the idea of the setup). The boys thought it was very interesting seeing all those fish! When we got back to the hotel we visited the motel pool again while Carl made us some supper!

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

I've been to that Ron Jon's shop. FUN PLACE! :)