Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cocoa Beach Day 2

On Saturday we woke up to a beautiful day in central Florida. We got ready for the day and then decided to drive down the road to see where center stage for the Cocoa Beach Airshow was from our hotel. We discovered it was about a mile away so we decided to walk down the beach to set up camp to watch the airshow. We drove back to the hotel and then headed down the beach. The boys loved running on the beach, we would often have to holler a them to wait for us because they would get so far ahead. We found a good spot and then let the kids play for awhile. The show started at noon and Callie was getting sleepy so I took her back to the hotel for a nap while Carl kept the boys at the beach to wait for the show. I packed a lunch in our little cooler and at noon strapped Callie in the baby carrier, grabbed the cooler and headed back to our spot, the walk that was so pleasant on the way to our spot turned into a pretty good workout carrying a 22 lb. one year old, a cooler and a camera! The show had just started when we got back and Carl snapped some pictures of all the different planes and jets and helicopters during the afternoon. These were the Geico Skytypers that would type messages in they sky, those little dots in front of white puffs are the planes doing the writing. We thought Gabe would love the show but honestly he was way more interested in playing in the water, pretty sure he did not get out of the water except when we made him come eat lunch. Ty and Callie were a little scared at how loud some of them were but did well for the most part and really liked to play in the sand, or wear the sand as in Ty's case. The show closed with the USAF Thunderbirds, simply awesome what they do! After we had a full day at the beach and the sun(and after I tortured the kids and tried to get a good pic of all 3) we headed back to our hotel and had some supper. We had 3 very sandy, very tired kiddos by the end of the day!

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