Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Traveling and Day 1 at Cocoa Beach

So as not to overload everyone and myself trying to do one post on our vacation I have decided to break it up into days. Day 1, we left our house about 4:30 on Wednesday October 27th and headed to North Liberty to stay with my brother for the night. The boys were very excited to stay at Uncle Pete's and when we arrived we had pizza and the boys had fun just running around his house. They were also excited they got to camp out on his living room floor! Here is Ty showing off his bed for the night(actually Gabe slept in the sleeping bag but Ty modeled it for me) Very early the next morning we left from Pete's house and started making our trek south. We left at 5am and arrived at a rest stop in Illinois where we changed kids out of jammies and ate some breakfast. Later in the day, while still in Illinois(man that is a long state) we stopped for lunch, the kids had fun just being out of the car and running(or crawling in Callie's case) across the bridge. We ate a chilly lunch at the picnic table and kept driving south. At the Tennessee border there is a town with this name so we had to take a picture. Around 8 we arrived in Chattanooga, Tennessee after driving through the mountains at dusk, it really was a pretty drive these pictures taken out the car window really doesn't do it justice but it's the best I could do. In Chattanooga we decided to try out Five Guys Burgers and Fries for supper. It was nice to get out of the car again and wow was it good! After we got back in the car we had a few short hours left to Stockbridge, GA(just south of Atlanta) where our hotel was for the night. Upon arriving we discovered our room only had one king bed so with the boys between us we slept for the night. We got up the following morning and decided to take advantage of the motel's free breakfast, yeah not so much, they hardly had anything out, a few little bagels and that was about it. So we ate breakfast in the car since we had brought muffins, yogurt, etc with us and headed south once again. We arrived in Florida around lunch time and stopped at the welcome center. We were excited we finally made it to Florida! We ate lunch surrounded by sunlight and palm trees and met a nice couple from Atlanta who were also on their way to the space shuttle launch, he is friends with the pilot of the shuttle's dad and they had VIP tickets. After lunch we loaded up again to finish our trek to Cocoa Beach. We only had one mishap when we pulled off the interstate to get gas and the GPS apparently didn't recognize our location and had us get off the interstate and go through downtown St. Augustine when it then rerouted us back to the original road we were on before, oh-well. We arrived at Cocoa Beach around 5:30 where we took 3 very good but very restless travelers right down to the beach upon check in, the sun was starting to set and I think we captured some of my favorite pictures from the whole trip that evening. Here they are, they LOVED the beach! this one is one of my all time favorites!After the sun would no longer allow us to play in the sand we headed back to our apartment style room where we grilled brats in the hotel gardens(they had several grills around the garden area) and had some supper. We were so glad to have finally arrived!

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