Monday, November 15, 2010

Vacation Day 6

Sorry for the interruption of our very exciting vacation posts but I had a crazy weekend an had no time to blog so without further adieu here is Day 6:)
Wednesday once again a beautiful day for a launch but again didn't happen. This time because of a strange reading from a component from the back up to engine 3 so once again we found ourselves with time on our hands to explore new things. We started off with a lazy day, took our time to get ready and then made a trip to the local Walmart. We needed to pick up a few things so we made a family trip of it. We then surprised the kiddos with a trip to the McDonalds play place and happy meals, they were in heaven and it actually was a really nice McDonalds. Ty made new friends instantly, he had two older girls following him around and he would tell them what to do, it was pretty funny. After lunch we drove to Canaveral Lock, where they open and close the waterways to let ships and boats in and out of the port. We found the coolest shells there up on the ground, some spiral shells and several whole clam shells, the boys had fun trying to find different ones as we walked along the area. No boats came through while we were there, we were hoping to catch one because they say when they open and close the gates manatees and dolphins often time swim along with the boats to get in and out of the lock area but no such luck this day. We did see lots of pelicans and sea turtles though! After the lock we went back to the hotel and headed to the beach again. This time we took a fish floatie with us that Gabe loved, he loved riding it over the waves. I tortured the kiddos with more picture attempts and they played in the sand and the waves. Ty doing his favorite thing on the beach, chasing and growling at the birds. Carl and I attempted a few more artistic photos:) By the end of the day we knew the engine troubles were solved and launch countdown began again, however we also knew the weather was not supposed to be cooperative for Thursday, which was supposed to be our last day in Florida...

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