Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vacation-Gabe's View

We let Gabe be in charge of our camera while we were on vacation(we borrowed Carl's moms camera so not to worry we do have some other pictures as well) These are a few of my favorites he took while we were away. I will post ours as well as a little about what we did while we were gone but due to a rather old card reader I have to wait for Carl to upload them for me at work so for now, enjoy Gabe's vacation pictures.

The happy travelers(Mom may have helped with this picture)Gabe's model of choice for the car ride
Self Portrait #1
At the space center!
The Rocket Garden(one of Gabe's favorite things at the space center)
The Vehicle Assembly Building
The crawler used to transport the shuttle from the VAB to launch pad 39A
The picture he wanted to take of us in front of the VAB
At the Saturn V center
Astronaut Snoopy at the Saturn V center
Palm Tree's at the Space Center(I think I found at least 10 pictures of palm trees in his camera, he was obsessed)
Self Portrait #2
Self Portrait #3
Self Portrait #4
Boosters and fuel tank at the space center
At the beach
Self Portrait #5
At Jetty Park (taken from the pier)One of the Sea Turtles we saw by the pier
One of the cruise ships at Port Canavarel
Canaveral Lock

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Caitlin said...

This is so fun! Gabe's self portraits are the bomb! Hilarious.