Thursday, January 6, 2011


Gabe has had a loose tooth for awhile now. He was actually very disturbed by the whole thing and was very worried that his tooth was loose because he had a cavity. After reassuring him many times that his tooth was not loose because of a cavity but because that is how God designed us he felt a little better. The prospect of actually having to pull the tooth out though was still a major source of concern. He lamented these thoughts a few weeks ago.
The past few days the tooth continued to get more and more wiggly and Gabe more and more concerned at the thought of it actually falling out. Carl tried to talk him into letting him pull it the other night before bed but a major meltdown ensued and we left it along. The next day Gabe could push it down all the way flat in his mouth. As I was out working in the kitchen and very excited Gabe came running in tooth in hand. He was beyond excited. He had gotten it out himself and "it didn't even hurt, I can't believe it!" Here is our newly one tooth down boy.

He wanted to share his thoughts on the process.

His adult tooth is already quite a ways through it looks so big!

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Caitlin said...

He's like a little man! I love it.