Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random News and Notes

Had a few pictures on the camera that I needed to get off so thought I'd post a random smattering of happenings from the past week or so.  This past Wednesday we were able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and meet our friends at Reiman Gardens.  I didn't take too many pictures but we did get one of everyone(minus Gabe since he was at school).

Callie is just a cheese and is (usually) willing to get her picture taken.  She was especially proud of this "hat" the other day.

Those of you who live around these parts know that this past weekend there was a big game going on.  We were all dressed up in our teams colors and headed down to a pancake breakfast for the morning.

Uncle Pete and Kim were at the pancake tailgate too and since Kim was the one who bought the kids their ISU gear we decided we could manage a picture with a Hawkeye:)

After the pancakes Carl had a ticket to the game and the kids and I went home to listen on the radio(we don't have cable and unfortunately it was on a station we don't get)  After the first TWO turnovers in the red zone I was sick of it so I turned it off.  Guess I should have stuck with it as I discovered later when we were in the first of 3 overtimes.  Once we figured that out Gabe and I were cheering loud through each play and we were very excited when the Cyclones got the W! 
That night one of our favorite people in the world came over for dessert.  Danielle watches the kiddos quite frequently and is a HUGE blessing to our family.  We love her bunches so we celebrated her 21st birthday with a banner and some birthday cake and homemade ice cream.  It is always a bonus when she brings her boyfriend Grant along too!  Here we are singing a very LOUD version of Happy Birthday.

and around here there is always help in blowing out the birthday candles:)

I think that gets me caught up on pictures for awhile.  We are looking forward to the fall weather that is supposed to be arriving this week! 

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