Thursday, September 8, 2011

What a Difference...

a few short years make!  With Callie's 2nd birthday fast approaching I have been reminiscent of her babyhood and where the heck it disappeared to!  I took this picture of Callie and her buddy Lauren in December of 2009.

and I took this picture a month or so ago when they came over to play.

Seriously when did they turn into little girls instead of babies!  Callie isn't too into sharing quite yet but she does like giving hugs and kisses.

Lauren looks a little concerned there, can't say I blame her:)  Brenna likes to be included in pictures as well.

It is so much fun(and a little sad) watching all the kiddos and their friends getting bigger.  Crazy to think we will be celebrating the big #2 soon!

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Stephanie said...

Cute pics!!! Man, time flies! It seems like we just had the girls and now they will soon be 2! Thanks for posting these.