Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Same Old Story

Things around the Clark household have been rather uneventful for the most part lately.  Hence the lack of blog posts.  We've made a few trips up to Algona to visit my Grandma, who fell down the basement stairs and broke her leg in two places a few weeks ago.  She was in the hospital awhile and is now in the nursing home until she is a little more healed and harvest is over since there is no one to help her at home when harvest is in full swing.  She looked so much better the 2nd time we went to see her.  She was very excited to get to see the kids and was more alert and more herself.  The kids did pretty well at the hospital and nursing home when we went both times but of course the highlight for them were the tractor rides, gator ride and getting to see the ostriches.  I didn't take any pictures but they were definately all smiles.  This weekend our baby girl turns 2!  I'm sure we will have more pictures and things to post after the big birthday weekend but for now I will leave you with our 3 crazies wrestling their daddy!

He's a little outnumbered by these 3 silly kiddos!

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Mom said...

Gabe looks so tall in the top picture!