Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Helpers

We finally got around to raking and mowing up our leaves the other day. The three kiddos were pretty excited to help out with the fall chores.I think their favorite part of helping out though was being being weights to hold all the leaves down while Daddy hauled them to the back mulch pile.
and of course jumping in the big piles of leaves is always a favorite too.
To go along with fall we finally carved our pumpkins the other night. Gabe had been begging to do it for quite awhile and he finally convinced Daddy to do it Saturday night. The other two kiddos kind of ditched Gabe to do the yucky pulling out of the pumpkin guts all by himself. They just stood there and watched him and said "Oh yuck"Gabe with is goopy, pumpkin hands
Ty wanted a silly faced jack o lanternCallie of course wanted a puppyGabe wanted a scary jack o lantern but by the time Carl got his carved it was getting too dark for a good picture of him with it. Here is his scary jack o lantern all lit up though.
and all three jack o lanterns.
Today I have 3 very excited kiddos to go trick or treating and to watch The Great Pumpkin one more time. I'm sure I will have some pictures of my little trick or treaters soon!

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