Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ty's School and Little Pumpkins

The other night we had open house at Ty's preschool. He was VERY excited to show us and Grandpa Tim and Grandma Mel his classroom and his school. I tried to get a few pictures of him in his room but my model was less then willing to have his photo taken. I did manage to get this one of him working on a puzzle at his seat.He also had a good time trying out the magnet letters with Gabe.and here he is with his nametag he gets to use to answer the question of the day.After we visited his classroom we got to go to the gym and have some ice cream, I'm pretty sure that was his favorite part! Friday my mom and the two little ones made a trip over to Boone for some cheap pumpkins. My mom had seen an ad in the paper so we went over for lunch and then found the pumpkins. Ty had just had a pumpkin party at school that morning where he was supposed to wear orange or something with a pumpkin on it so he was dressed for the occasion. Ty and Callie loved the pumpkins.Both kiddos also really liked the little table full of gourds. Callie needed a little help to see over the edge.
I put Callie on the table to take her picture and she decided she wanted to eat a gourd...can't imagine it tasted very good:)
After Ty saw Callie on the table he wanted his turn too.
and one with Ty and Grandma
The kids had lots of fun picking out the right pumpkins and made sure to get a good one for Gabe who missed out on the fun since he was at school. Ty kept saying "Oh Gabe is going to Loooove these" Gabe was quite happy with their choices when he got home from school.

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