Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick Trip and Football

This past Friday my mom, the kids and I headed up to Algona for a quick trip. My Grandma Marj is still in the nursing home while her broken leg heals and if you know my Grandma Marj you know that she is VERY restless to get home. We thought a visit from 3 of her favorite little people might make her day and weekend a little brighter so we headed up Friday morning to see her. When we arrived she was resting in her chair but quickly was wide eyed when she saw who was there to visit her. We also surprised her with a few new pictures of the kids and a picture book full of pictures from this past summer and fall. Here are the kiddos showing her their pictures.Gabe was over there showing her the book too but suddenly when the camera came out he was camera shy...go figure. After a visit with Great Grandma we headed out to the farm so Mom could deliver a few things. While she was getting her things done I took the boys on a gator ride down to the bridge to throw rocks. There is a large pile of rocks off to the side of the bridge and the boys think it is great fun to throw them in and hear them splash. The funny thing is that was one of my favorite things to do when I was younger too. We used to go over to the bridge by my great aunt and uncles and throw in big rocks. There was a wire that ran across the creek too that we got bonus points for hitting as well:) Here are the boys with some of their rocks.and of course no quick to the farm would be complete without a quick trip to Dave's to jump on the trampoline. Look at those ups.
It was a long day but Grandma was so excited to see the kids and was so pleased with her pictures that it definately made the trip worth it. The next day we were given tickets for the whole family to the ISU football game. I won't go on about how we lost the game AGAIN to a team that we COULD have beaten had we been able to not shoot ourselves in the foot for the 4th game in a row but instead I will just show you the pictures I took. View of the jumbo tron from our endzone seats.and our friend Mike and Brady were able to come too!
and Callie enjoyed her 1st ever Cyclone Football game(well she slept through some of it and she didn't miss much when she did but enjoyed it none the less)

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