Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas #1 and Basketball

We celebrated Christmas this past weekend with the Mawdsleys up in Burt. My Grandma is still healing from her broken leg so we took Christmas up there this year. The weather was so nice and the kids had a blast actually getting to play outside. They had lots of fun exploring and racing around the farm. Callie was content to sit in this little chair and say cheese.We got one with her and Great Grandma and Grandpa too!
Callie also enjoyed spending some time with Great Grandma in the big chair.We did manage to get a picture of all 3 with Uncle Bone. Although it was hard to get all 3 to look and smile at once(but what else is new...) Callie was sporting her new princess stocking hat and mittens from Great Grandma and Grandpa.
We all had so much fun spending time with family and then kids were worn out and slept a lot of the drive home. The next day we had tickets to the basketball game.
The kids had lots of fun cheering and yelling during the game(and dancing to the music) Ty wanted his picture taken with me so he could see it on the camera. I thought it turned out pretty cute.Callie got a little restless between songs she could dance to so she switched between sitting on our laps and sharing a seat with Gabe.All the kids enjoyed their popcorn throughout the game.
We had a good time at the game and are glad they don't last any longer for Callie's sake. She was starting to get rather restless by the end. This last picture is not from Christmas or the game but Gabe got ahold of my camera the other day and I found a lot of random pictures he had taken around the house. I thought this one was too cute not to share.
What a couple of cheeseballs!

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