Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Christmas Card

I am being very cheap this year. I did not do a paper Christmas Card. We are on a tight budget and the Christmas Cards were one place I could trim a little around holiday time so I decided to do our annual Christmas update on here instead(after all what good is a blog if you can't make good use of it:) A quick little update on us...

Carl-Still working at Jcorp in Huxley and enjoying his job. He will begin taking his exams to become licensed the first part of this coming year. He can still be found cheering on the Cyclones most Saturdays as well as keeping our house and yard in good shape. He is leading our connection group from church again this year and we are loving it. It is so nice to have a great group to share life with!

Hollie-Stopped working at the local coffee shop this past spring when it was beginning to get difficult to get time off and was going to miss kids activities. While she enjoyed the people and the job it was just time to be done. She loves getting to stay home with the kiddos and with Gabe and Ty gone at school at least 4 mornings a week has been enjoying getting some 1 on 1 time with Callie.

Gabe-Started Kindergarten this year. He goes full days and he LOVES school. He is reading more and more and amazes us with his stories he likes to write and have Carl help illustrate. He is still our space nut and enjoys looking through space books and in general leaning new things to share with us about space. He played T-ball this past summer and enjoyed it.

Ty-Started preschool this past fall. He goes 4 morning per week and also loves his time at school! He is getting so much better with writing his name and drawing pictures. We love his people pictures. He loves cars and racing and making up games to play with his brother. They can often be found playing real life angry birds and Mario Brothers around the house. He played Bam Bam baseball this past summer and still talks about it!

Callie-Turned 2 this past October. She is energetic, talkative, opinionated and cuddly. She loves Cinderella(every Princess is Cinderella to her), pushing her baby in the stroller, causing trouble for her brothers and "helping" Mommy with everything. She is talking more and more all the time and most of the time we can figure out what she is saying now:)

Baby #4-yep you read that right. Baby #4 is due to make his/her appearance in the middle of July. July will be a busy month for our family as Hollie's brother is getting married at the beginning of the month in Iowa City. We are praying baby #4 is cooperative and stays safely put until after his wedding! We are very excited to complete our family and welcome one last little bundle into our lives! We had our 1st Doctors visit this past week and got a sneak peak at the little peanut. Doing well and wiggling all over with a strong little heartbeat.

We pray that Jesus remains the focus for your family this Christmas season. May you have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

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Caitlin said...

Congrats on #4! Exciting. :)