Friday, December 2, 2011

The Christmas Tree

The weekend after Thanksgiving is traditionally spent at Carl's parents house and helping out at the tree farm. This year was no exception and after being around all those Christmas trees all weekend the kids were very excited to go out into the plot to pick out their own tree! It actually didn't take us long to find it this year(I think the really cold temperatures had something to do with that) We actually didn't walk too far when Carl and Gabe spotted this one.

With a little help from Dad, Gabe finished sawing down the tree.

Callie did a great job supervising the tree cutting.

After the tree was cut down Ty discovered a tree he wanted instead because it was "pretty orange"

Ty was overruled even though we did agree it definately looked orange:) The kids helped Daddy drag the tree up to the shop.

Gabe actually only helped a little and then decided to run ahead to claim his spot on the tractor to shake the trees. Callie helped the whole way.(I don't think Ty helped at all actually pretty sure he ran to Aunt Em)

Here's Gabe from his perch on the tractor.

Before we could shake it we had to get our families picture with our tree.

amazing how the kids look so much bigger then this picture from last year and especially this picture from 2009! After the picture Gabe started the shaker and we shook all the loose needles and stuff we didn't want out of the tree.

and then the boys helped pull it through the netter.

After the tree was all netted Carl got the tree tied down on top of the van.

We also pick out a frasier fir from the shop to take home as well. That tree goes downstairs and is my tree the tree from the plot goes upstairs in the hallway and is the kids tree that they get to help decorate and put on the fun ornaments. I think it's a good compromise I just have to keep biting my tongue when they decorate the upstairs tree when they tend to clump all the ornaments together in the same place:) Here are some pictures of the tree decorating.

And Ty was happy to learn that since Gabe turned 6 it was his turn to get to put the star on top of the downstairs tree. We implemented the once you turn 6 rule the job passes onto the kid below you:)(Mostly because Gabe is pretty heavy to try to lift up there anymore)

Ty got it up there just fine but it did need a little straightening afterwards.

and just because she's cute.

So both trees are now decorated and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care and we have 3 very excited children anticipating this Christmas season! Just this morning I was serenaded by We Wish you a Merry Christmas as I was getting out of the shower. It is so fun to see their excitement.

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