Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby #4 at 31 Weeks

About 2 weeks ago we had another ultrasound to check on babies growth and make sure the placenta was ok and in the right spot, etc.  It always amazes me how much bigger they are in the 30 week range as opposed to the 19 to 20 week range.   Baby looked great and was estimated to weight in around 3 lbs. 8 oz. about average for my due date so she thought that we will have another baby in the 7 pound range(I'm good with that:)  She also switched it over to 3D for a little bit to try and get us a good up close shot of the babies face.  The baby much like Callie was not really into this idea and kept trying to hide it's face so we never did get a clear front shot.  It did let us peek at it enough to see the side of its face.  It is so cool to see on the screen.  You can see actual features and really get a good glimpse of the baby.  The picture didn't turn out the greatest since baby was trying to hide its face but I can see its cheeks, eyes and nose in the picture took my mom while to see them when I showed her so you may or may not be able to make it out but you can try:)
From the images we saw on screen and from previous ultrasounds we've had I think this baby is going to look more like Ty then Gabe and Callie but we shall see!  Here is just the standard profile picture from our ultrasound.

I am almost 33 weeks and just 52 short days away now.  We are so excited to meet baby #4 who still has us guessing about what it is:)  Somedays I feel pretty confident it's a boy and then other days I feel like I 'm wrong and it's a girl so we are excited to find out.  Its heartrate remains in the 140's range which is funny because Callie was always in the 160's and both boys were always in the 120's maybe very rarely in the 130's.  Guess it doesn't want to give anything away!  I start going to the doctor weekly this week.  It's going to go by quickly I think!

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